TreeHorn Design started as one man with too many tools and an urgent desire to leave his job in pursuit of creativity. Joe (that’s me!) went to school in Tasmania where he learned a darn load of stuff about how to bend rules. When it came to tools in the workshop, sourcing materials, designing objects and #$%*ing around Joe was his own personal hero.

Jump forward to Melbourne where RMIT tried it’s hardiest to get Joe to unlearn every important skill he had learned and generally make the world a joyless place; luckily he dropped out before it was too late. Not one to quit, Joe quietly took notes about the world around him, be it while living in Finland, Montreal or the 10,000 share houses along the way, perfecting the art of bar tending and gourmet burger making all the while. With none of these notes in mind, TreeHorn Design was born. Taking inspiration from everywhere, TreeHorn tries to make products that people will enjoy, wear, talk about and misunderstand. Joe does not, however, do this for any other reason than the pure joy of making.

TreeHorn cares a whole bunch about the environment. Everything we do in the workshop and studio is with the environment in mind. We use only reclaimed, recycled or sustainably grown timber, often making more items from the trimmings on the workshop floor. Our packaging is environmentally friendly and we often run recycling workshops for anyone within earshot. Donations are made to the Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation each month. Our next aim is to put solar panels on Joe’s mums roof (for lack of a roof of our own). We believe 50 Cent had it right when he said “do the right thing or die trying” or whatever it was…


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