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    Big base.

    This is the big one. For when you need to carry a bunch of stuff but want to look like you’re not.   Grab a big base when you’re packing the car for a weekend getaway. Or moving house. Or just getting the kids to weekend sports.   Made from stretchy jersey knit …

    Made from perforated jersey backed with soft neoprene, they were simple, practical and perfect to grab, fill and go. Stylish yet understated and able to withstand daily use. Each suited a different need and made the perfect home away from home for your stuff.

    Today, base has taken the concept further with the shopper collection.

    Reusable, sturdy and stylish; the shopper range is all that and more. It’s the ideal base for food and other goods that you need to get from A to B.

    Like the neoprene range, each shopper bag is made for a purpose. Together, the two collections have your on-the-go life covered.

    Simplifying life while adding style. That’s what base does. 

    Designed in Melbourne, Australia.

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