• Petite Dog Pamper Duo

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    Bondi Wash's latest gift boxes designed specially for this gift giving season.  Each decorated with our distinctive Australian botanical posies.

    Dog Wash and Dog Conditioner Paperbark & Lemongrass 250ml

    BONDI WASH products contain only the finest natural ingredients:

    • Australian bush oils like Tasmanian Pepper, Sydney Peppermint, Lemon Tea Tree oil - all independently tested for their anti-bacterial properties
    • Natural fragrances - all BONDI WASH scents are 100% pure essential oils sourced from quality suppliers
    • Soap bases sourced 100% from plants which are gentle and non-toxic (derived from sugar and corn, both renewable)
    • Luxurious additions to improve texture and effectiveness including sunflower seeds and aloe vera
    • Natural thickeners
    • Minimal preservatives - and only non-paraben ones

    BONDI WASH products do not contain any:

    • Synthetic colours or fragrance
    • Petroleum-based ingredients
    • Nitrates, ammonia, chlorine, sulphates
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate.  SLS, SLES are known irritants
    • Sodium Coco Sulphate. Often used in 'natural' products to replace SLS but very similar to SLS (just slightly less processed)
    • Cocamidopropyl betaine (Coco-betaine), a foaming agent often used in ‘natural’ products which sounds like it is derived from coconut but is also derived from ‘dimethylaminopropylamine’ and isn’t completely plant-based.  Potentially impacting non-renewable palm plantations. Has been claimed to be an allergen
    • Fragrance, which reflects a blend of ingredients and can mean synthetics or nasties are hidden – a labelling loophole – and known to causes headaches, rashes, respiratory problems and other reactions
    • Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone (MI), which are controversial preservatives causing nasty skin reactions
    • Phenoxyethanol. Controversial widely used preservative, toxic to infants
    • Paraben - based preservatives.  Widely used, found in breast cancers, blamed for early puberty in girls
    • PEG 150 thickening agent, a US Environmental Working Group hazard, not recommended for use on broken skin and potentially causes kidney toxicity
    • TEA (Triethonalomine) and DEA (Diethonalomine) a surfactant that potentially causes skins reactions
    • Triclosan, linked to a long list of health issues and does not break down in the environment
    • Phthalates. A range of chemicals known to disrupt the body's hormones.
    • Animal ingredients
    • Bondi Wash is against animal cruelty and does not test on animals (except our dog range which is tested on dogs with sensitive skin). While we would love to be fully transparent, we have become aware of companies attempting to copy our formulations.  Our natural formulations took a lot of time and energy to perfect - and are what make our products special. 
  • Petite Dog  Pamper Duo
  • Petite Dog  Pamper Duo
  • Petite Dog  Pamper Duo

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